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The importance of water in our lives is extremely big! Do you know that your body weight is about 60% water? You need to drink water in order to give better conditions for your cells, organs, regulate your body temperature, and eliminates toxins. It is important to rehydrate because we lose some water sweating and in the digestion. How much water should drink? Let’s read in this article.

How much water does your body need every single day?

Do not drink water just when you are thirsty. One detail extremely important is your urine. If it is clear your hidration level is ok but if it is dark you need to drink immediately. In fact there is no rule about it – you may drink two or three liters a day but it is essential to drink constantly. Many doctors recommend a sip of water every twenty minutes. Talk to your doctor about this amount.

The benefits of water for all of us

  • Water helps in digestion. The water brings lots of benefits for your bowel breaking down food and liquid. One detail: never drink water while you are having meals. Drink 30 minutes before.
  • Water prevents dehydratation. When you exercise your body loses fluids then it is important to drink lots of water to restore your body’s hidration level. You know how important physical activity is then have a bottle of water with you.
  • Water contributes to the transport of nutrients to our cells and remove all the waste through the urine. As you can see water plays an important role and we do not live without it.
  • Pure water does not contain calories and no sugar then we may conclude it is the healthiest way to keep our health and hydration at a good level.
  • The water in our saliva helps chewing and swallowing and lubrificates the joints and cartilages. It is important to keep our body temperature steady and the water is in charge of it. Drink during all day long.
  • Water helps to reduce obesity. It helps but physical activities and a balanced diet are essential in this process. If you are overweight you need to find more solutions and avoid serious diseases.
  • Water helps our muscles. When our muscle cells do not have enough fluids they do not work properly. When exercising drink a bottle.
  • Keep your skin beautiful! If you do not drink enough water your skin more dry and will see some wrinkles and you do not want it for you.
  • Your kidneys must work perfectly then water plays an important role in this process. Your kidney helps to eliminate toxins and if you do not drink water this important organ will have problems.
  • Your bowel needs water to work properly too. Drinking lots of water prevents constipation. A good amount of water is perfect for your body as a whole.

As you can see water is very important then keep your bottle close to you. No matter what your are doing, studying, working, or even exercising water is life!


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