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Is there something like the best diet for everyone? But it’s not just about the diet that loses the most pounds. The best diet should also be healthy. If you believe the authors of diet books, they all have the ultimate solution for you, everyone will find their diet, but is this true?

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We cannot tell you which diet is the best diet for you. What is the best choice for one does not automatically have to be the ideal for the other? The choice also depends heavily on personal preferences. But you can get an idea based on the characteristics of a diet. We want to simplify this for you. Here are the main features and the pros and cons of the currently most favorite foods on the market.

In a low carbohydrate diet, the emphasis is on restricting so-called simple carbohydrates. These are, for example, in lemonades (also in light products) and sugar. Complex carbohydrates, however, are found in, e.g., vegetables and fruits.

What are the benefits of a low carbohydrate diet?

By reducing the number of carbohydrates in food and drinks, the body will compensate for this lack of energy by starting to burn body fat. The foods allowed here will help to reduce the tendency to snack on snacks. Abetter result is balancing blood and sugar levels.

The low carbohydrate diet includes many easy-to-prepare meals. Another positive side effect is that the diet stimulates a healthy intestinal flora.

What are the disadvantages of a low carbohydrate diet?

A low carbohydrate diet is not entirely risk-free. By following the diet strictly, the body may suffer from a lack of essential nutrients that it can not possibly ignore. For example, consider calcium, vitamin C or fiber. The recipes that support this diet often contain too much protein, which can be harmful to the kidneys. In the diet, too little attention is paid to saturated fatty acids.

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