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Weight loss is a heavy subject for many. There are countless diets out there, some that deliver results while others are just full of false promises. Both statistically result in gaining the weight back. It’s frustrating vicious cycle for the hoards of overweight people in the world.

In America, people spend nearly $60 billion a year trying to lose weight. That includes gym memberships, weight loss programs, and even diet sodas. But a quick glance around the country can tell you that these things don’t work. Not entirely anyway.

It’s certainly not a lost cause, however if you’re trying to lose weight after having kids or because you’ve let yourself go, you can’t go all or nothing with things like juice cleanses or soups. It will give you quick results that won’t last and you’ll be right back to square one.

So what DOES work when it comes to losing weight?

Because every person is different, there are many ways to lose weight. While experts squabble about the particulars, they do agree on certain things that, combined together, have the best potential for long term success. Do you want to lose weight? Keep reading and find out how you can lose weight and keep it off.

Tips for Losing Weight and Keeping It Off

Are you ready to lose weight? Here are the top tips that experts suggest for losing weight in a sustainable and healthy way.

1. Start making healthier swaps

Part of losing weight and keeping it off has to do with what you eat. If you’re eating meals that contain loads of fat and sugar, or are always fried, you’ll need to adjust your cooking methods.

Not only will you improve your overall health, which is a goal you should have alongside your goal of losing weight, but you’ll also begin to feel cleaner and more energized inside. Healthy doesn’t mean tasteless either. Use fresh herbs to flavor your foods and you’ll find new flavors to love.

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