# How Retired People Lose Weight ….

How Retired People Lose Weight

Retired people lose or gain weight for several reasons such as being less physically active, do not pay attention to their meal times, they might lose their identity after retirement, difficulties to make friends again, depression, bad eating habits, and children living away from them, among other negative situations.

Why does retired people weight loss worry?

Their metabolism is slower and it is really a complex situation. They feel frustrated and worried as soon as they are suddenly skinny. Weight management should be done immediately in order to change this critical situation. There are good diets then look for the best ones.

It is important to verify what kind of calories is necessary to cut in your daily habits. Another situation is how much proteins, nutrients and vitamins they are taking. We need much more good eating habits as we age and it is absolutely true.

Obesity and their consequences in older people

If an older person gets fat he or she demands special attention too. We know that obesity causes lots of diseases such as cardiovascular ones, diabetes, high cholesterol, and several other ones.

Physical activities are important in order to help them to improve their self esteem. Definitely, older people tend to feel depressed due to several factors (family support, lack of friends, they do not feel important for the society, etc). What are the consequences? They may lose lots of pounds or even gain and obesity becomes a problem.

What are the solutions?

Older people have to be self-councious about their problem and look for a professional help. They have to forget they are skinny and think about getting fit! It is the first step and the family and friends should be near them to motivate to overcome this trouble.

It is essential to make no mistakes at this moment. It is essential to search as much information as possible. Older people are smart and they need lots of care but at the same time, their knowledge and wisdom might help them in this process as a whole. They usually know exactly what to do and understand their problems. It is not too late no matter how old this old person is.

They deserve a new chance to live a little bit more with a good quality of life and perfect health. I believe you know one or two people above 80 or 90 years old who have brilliant minds and even keep on working or having physical activities. Certainly, motivation is the best word to make them happy again.

They have to eat their favorite food once in a while, they have to feel happy going to the gym, they have to feel motivated all the time, and make new friends and have their children and grandchildren close to them.

Remember that older people deserve lots of attention no matter if they are skinny or fat. Both problems are serious then friends and family must be together all the time. We learn a lot from them! Remember that all of us will be retired and old one day then we need to be prepared.


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