#5 How Yoga Exercise Works To Lose Weight

How yoga and weight loss works

Yoga is not just an exercise as some people have learned, but we still get comments that yoga and yogis, in particular, don’t lose weight as much as those practicing more intense workout. From what we have seen over the years, it’s not about how intense your workout is, but how long are you able to maintain it.

People who lose weight through intense training, gain all those weights back in 5 years as soon as they stop the program. For yoga, that is not the case. In fact, yogis maintain this lifestyle until about old age.

So how does yoga go about in helping you lose weight?

Yoga takes a lot of mental focus, exercise and a better way of life to achieve its weight loss goals. Most the traditional cravings and unhealthy way of life overweight people suffer from are eliminated with yoga. Let’s take a look at some:

Fights free radicals

Exhaustion from work and other physical activities can take its toll on anybody, but how you destress, yourself matters. With yoga, you are sure about a type of mental relaxation that is very good for your body and helps you fight free radicals.

Free radicals that are always using your stress issue to make you add weight by allowing you to overeat and to eat junks are kept in check when you practice yoga regularly.

Burns caloric intake

People test their effectiveness on a weight loss program by how intense the work out is, but with yoga. Yoga poses might not look extraordinary for a person no practicing, but as soon as you join the bandwagon, you will find out differently.

Yoga helps you burn calories and tones your muscles by making them flexible. A considerable amount of yoga poses in a day will leave even the strongest of men exhausted but in better control of their body.

Enhances your digestion process

Because every part of your body is working during any yoga pose, your tummy is eliminating toxins that might arise due to lack of the workout not reaching the right places. Yoga allows you the stretch them, especially those organs that have a problem function properly. So you can be able to eat right all the time.

Boost your metabolism

It’s easy to starve yourself in the hope of losing weight and going low on the carb, but this plan has specific consequences. Loss of hair, malnutrition, starvation, etc. Yoga allows you to be the person you want to be and eat the healthy foods that will make you look refreshing every day.

By working up your body, you have an excellent chance of having a stable metabolism by 12 pm than someone who is starving themselves for weight loss.


What is the essence of working out if you are just going to fall right back into what you have worked so hard to start and achieve? 10years from now are going to be still doing those things that make you lose weight. Most yogis practice till they die!

They find a way to normalize their bodies again without being victims of their by consistently eating anything that comes their way.

In conclusion, yoga is perfect for weight loss.


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