# 13 of the Biggest Weight Loss Mistakes You’re Making that Stall Your Progress

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13 of the Biggest Weight Loss Mistakes You’re Making that Stall Your Progress

Getting into a weight loss routine is an exciting time, especially when the weight starts to come off. You feel productive, proud and accomplished. But just when you think everything is going right, you may find yourself stagnant. You’re exercising and eating right, so why are you suddenly stuck in the same place?

If you can honestly say you’re sticking to proper methods of weight loss and not secretly sneaking candy bars every day, you’ll need to examine your daily habits to see if something seemingly helpful or innocent might be stalling your weight loss tactics.

Here are 13 of the things we tend to overlook when trying to lose weight that could be doing more harm than good when it comes to shredding off those extra pounds.

1. You’re replacing too many meals with smoothies

Smoothies are a fast and easy way to pack in more nutrients, especially if you have to force yourself to eat your veggies. While making smoothies for some of your meals can be helpful, you should mix it up every other day. Liquids are more quickly absorbed by your gut too which gives us a big sugar rush. Smoothies also don’t work to fill you up as long so you can fall victim to over-snacking. If you want your smoothie to work for you, fill it with more fiber and protein so it will satiate you.

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